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  1. Integrated marketing communications
    • MC entails coordinating the organisation’s promotional efforts, using such major communication elements as:
    • –advertising
    • –sales promotion
    • –public relations
    • –personal selling
    • –direct and online marketing
    • •An organisation’s integrated marketing communication program consists of a specific blend of the above elements that will most effectively meet objectives such as toinform,persuade, and remind consumers, as well as to reinforcetheir attitudes and perceptions and influence them to behavein a particular way.
  2. A classification of IMC media, tools and technology
    • Mass communication
    • Targeted communication
    • In store communication
    • One to one communication
  3. Elements in the communication process SEMDR
    Sender, Encoding, Message, Decoding, Receiver.

    Response, feedback

    Noise can effect
  4. Steps in developing integrated marketing
    • 1.Identifying the target audience
    • –A marketing communicator starts with a clear target audience in mind. The audience may be potential buyers or current users, those who make the buying decision or those who influence it. The audience may be individuals, groups, special publics or the general public.

    • 2.Determining response sought (buyer-readiness states) AKLPCP
    • –Awareness
    • –Knowledge
    • –Liking
    • –Preference
    • –Conviction
    • –Purchase
  5. Setting objectives – Advertising objectives can be classified by purpose
    • IPCR
    • >Informative advertising
    • >Persuasive adverting
    • >Comparison advertising
    • >Reminder advertising
  6. Message and media decisions - AIDA framework
    • Attention
    • Interest
    • Desire
    • Action
  7. Message content - 3 types of appeals
    • Rational
    • Emotional
    • Moral
  8. Steps in media selection
    • •Deciding on reach, frequency and impact.
    • •Selecting major media types.
    • •Selecting specific media vehicles.
    • •Deciding on media timing.
    • –Continuity scheduling and pulsing.
  9. Collecting feedback
    Copy-testing e.g asking audience if they remember the msg.
  10. Four common methods used to set the total budget for advertising:
    • –Affordable method.
    • –Percentage-of-sales method.
    • –Competitive-parity method.
    • –Objective-and-task method.
    • –Other product-specific factors.
  11. Setting the IMC mix
    • The marketing organisation must now divide the total marketing communication budget among the major marketing communication categories, specific media, tools and technologies:
    • –advertising
    • –public relations
    • –direct and online marketing
    • –sales promotion
    • –personal selling
  12. Product life cycle promotion strategies. Stage in PLC
    Introduction - Build awareness among early adopters and intermediaries, entice trial

    Growth - Build awareness and interest in mass market

    Maturity - Emphasise brand differences and benefits, encourage brand switching

    Decline - Reduce to minimal level
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