contact diseases list

  1. Trachoma
    • CA=Chlamydia trachomatis
    • CH= Gram(+), coccobacilli, obligate intracellular parasite.
    • VF=
    • Transmission= Direct contact; hands, sharing objects, flies
    • S= Conjunctivitis; progresses into abrasion and scaring of cornea, secondary infecions.
    • D=
    • treatment= Antibiotics.
    • PM= washing hands, control flies.
  2. Gonorrhea
    • CA=Neisseria gonorrheae
    • CH= Gram(-), Diplococci, spore forming.
    • VF= 1-High antigenic variability, 2- Fimbriae; oral pharynx & eyes attachment. 3- Opa protein; bind to receptors on T-lymphocytes= impairs 2nd immune response.
    • Transmission= 1-sexual contact, 1- hand contact.
    • S= female; asymptomatic. male; painful urination, pus discharge. PID (pelvic inflammatory disease. inflammation of joints, heart, meninges, blindness in newborns
    • D= 1 Gonococci in urethral discharge,2 antibiotic sensitivity test.
    • T= Antibiotics, eyedrops in newborns.
    • PM= personal hygiene, safe sex, washing hands, education.
  3. Syphilis
    • CA= Treponema pallidum
    • CH= Gran(-), spirullum, many stages.
    • VF= Hooks of spirochetes, relies on host for biosynthetic enzymes, counts with evasion factors; outer lipid layer w/low antigenicity.
    • Transmission= sexual contact, hand contact.
    • S= 1st stage; chancre, 2nd stage; bacterimia->skin & mucosal rashes, fever, sore throat, infectious, many spirochetes.immune complex circulates & lodge in various sites-> chronic inflammation. 3rd stage; gummas; heart & nervous system affected, joint damage/ arthritis.
    • D= staining with a fluorescent labeled monoclonal antibodies.
    • Treatment= 1 &2 stage; penicillin. 3rd stage; hard to treat due to long term damage.
    • PM=
    • PF= age (20-40 year old)
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