Network Authentication Final - CH1

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  1. Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC)
    created the first network firewall in the form of a packet filter
  2. AT&T Bell Laboratories
    developed the first stateful firewall
  3. the three components of information security
    • confidentiality
    • integrity
    • availability
  4. Encryption
    provides confidentiality by hiding plaintext data
  5. Data integrity
    meaning that the data is preserved unaltered during any operation
  6. How is data integrity achieved?
    achieved by the use of hashing mechanisms
  7. Availability
    data accessibility
  8. How do you guarantee availability? (2)
    • network hardening mechanisms
    • backup systems
  9. Three of the more well-established
    network security organizations are:
    • Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT)
    • SysAdmin, Audit, Network, Security (SANS) Institute
    • International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium (pronounce (ISC)2 as "I-S-C-squared")
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