Ontological Argument Philosophy

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  1. Who was St. Anselm?
    • Former Archbishop of Canterbury¬†
    • Born 1033
    • Believed in God completely
    • Known as father of Scholastic philosophy
  2. Who is the 'fool' that Anselm refers to?
    The fool represents an atheist, which is why Gaunilo's analogy is called 'On Behalf of the Fool'
  3. Is the Ontological argument an a priori argument or a posteriori argument? What does this mean?
    A priori, meaning that is requires no knowledge or experience
  4. How does Anselm define God?
    A being than which nothing greater can be conceived
  5. Which branch of philosophy does the ontological argument fall under?
  6. what does 'reductio ad absurdum' mean? What idea is this linked to in the ontological argument?
    Argument is so absurd that it leads to the conclusion that the hypothesis is false

    In the ontological argument, this refers to the hypothesis that God doesn't exist ... because anselm believes he does
  7. Which philosophers challenged the ontological argument?
    • Gaunilo¬†
    • Kant
    • Hume
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