Short Story notes

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  1. What is the theme for the Destructors?
    • Theme of gang life (cause, effect, nature) 
    • -Wormsley Common gang --nothing special about them or their name 
    • gang = social decay
  2. trashing the house in destructors is...
    they make it into an art (procedural) to get a reputation
  3. Destructors destroying the inside of the house ...
    (worm)sley - destroys from the inside like a worm does to an apple
  4. (Destructors) Being a part of a gang you lose ...
    individuality and function as a unit

    • its the leader that's important not the leader
    • --blackie starts as the leader than is replaced by Trevor than replaced by Trevor
  5. flaw in tragic hero (Destructors)
    they destroy themselves and many others
  6. Class Structure (Destructors)
    • Dichotomy with Trevor & Blackie 
    • -lower class citizens 
    • -No school, clubs, anything and everything destroyed 
    • Trevor drops to lower class
    • --known for creativity - falls to class of destructiveness
    • -influenced by environment 
    • -destruction is a form of creativity (oxymoron) 
    • -you can't replace paint brushes with razor blades 

    • Gang had no problem with destruction, trevor did. 
    • --all they had ever knew
  7. Destructors -War
    • -pattern (human patter) 
    • organized human endeavor only serves to destroy 
    • Blitz Creek - mass bombing 
    • war destroys more than property destroys human potential 
    • -destroys humanity
    • Thomas' last house (trying to hold onto it) 
    • Trevor destroys it (its dying put it out of its misery) 
    • House represents former life 
    • Trevor diminishes gift by saying he doesnt like the smarties
    • Trevor - self indulgence (self decadence)
  8. (Destructors) What is the first casualty in war?
    the innocent (innocence)
  9. (Destructors)  conflicts
    • Internal Conflict 
    • -doesn't know who he is anymore
    •  -not in his nature

    • External man vs. environment (minor) 
    • man vs. man Trevor VS. Thomas &Blackie
    • Trevor vs. Old Misery (baseless traditions - sociable traditions)
  10. (Destructors) Stair case symbolizes
    symbolizes useless traditions
  11. (Destructors) wall symbol
    • support barriers (social barriers) -alienation, segregation -- only thing left (facade support old traditions) 
    • -fake support 
    • traditions become hollow just like trevor
  12. (Destructors) Trevor and Thomas
    Trevor ( not a intimidating name) 'T' is a mystery - dont know how he looks (he's faceless) (depersonalization) 

    No feelings for thomas - dehumanization 

    • Hollowness - he lost his potential - there is creativity in destruction 
    • Trevor can't destroy (not his nature) 
    • Blackie takes over as its his nature 

    • Laugh at end "misery loves company" 
    • you are the only leader of what the people allow you to be a leader - leadership is frivolous
  13. Lottery
    • -usually reference to winning something 
    • feel good in june 
    • profuesly (omen) someone bleeding 
    • sacrifice for better crops 
    • the original lottery - several days now for large towns 

    Bobby martin stuff pocket with best stones ( good for whipping straight - he's gonna throw alot is this fun for him?)
  14. (Lottery) number 3
    father, son, holy spirit (religious number) 

    • croix - the cross (Christ died for sins of man) 
    • -sacrifice for a greater reason (scapegoat) 
    • blaming people/group for our problems 

    Mr.Summers - runs coal mining b/c he had time 

    Warner -77 years old
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