Ch. 13 Work and Vocation

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  1. What is the compromise with reality theory?
    the theory of vocational choice proposed by Ginzberg (making a vocational choice is a developmental process that occurs not at a single moment)
  2. What is circumscription?
    limiting one's career aspirations to a set of acceptable choices based on interests and values
  3. What is compromise?
    modifying one's career choices to bring them in line with reality
  4. What is the occupational environment theory?
    the theory of vocational choice proposed by Holland (people select occupations that afford environments consistent with their personality types)
  5. What are structural barriers?
    externally imposed limits on a woman's career success that result from sex discrimination
  6. What are normative barriers?
    limitations on career choice that stem from how girls are socialized to be feminine
  7. What is self-efficacy?
    the belief that one is competent to master a task
  8. What is the Strong Interest Inventory?
    a test that measures suitability for different vocations according to interests
  9. What are tech-prep programs?
    partnerships between high schools and two-year; postsecondary vocational institutions to provide career education
  10. What are apprenticeships/internships?
    programs in which students split their time among working at a company, taking career-related classes, and doing regular academic coursework
  11. What are school-based enterprises?
    programs in which schools set up small businesses to teach job skills
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