Ch. 12 Education and School

  1. Who are traditionalists?
    educators who emphasize that the purpose of education is to teach the basics
  2. Who are progressives?
    educators who emphasize that the purpose of education is to prepare pupils for life
  3. What is the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT)?
    a test that measures aptitude to do academic work
  4. What are magnet schools?
    theme schools that serve students within public school systems
  5. What are charter schools?
    public schools that are funded and run by private corporations or individuals; accountable to government but relatively regulation free
  6. What are vouchers?
    a method by which the public schools subsidize the cost of private school education
  7. What are tech-prep schools?
    high schools that partner with community colleges to provide career preparation for non-college bound students
  8. What is open enrollment?
    a policy that allows students to choose from among a large number of public schools, sometimes even those outside their own district
  9. What is the performance goal structure?
    schooling in a competitive atmosphere in which the goal is to get the highest grade in the class
  10. What is the task mastery structure?
    schooling in a less competitive setting in which individual effort and improvement are rewarded
  11. What is tracking?
    an organizational technique that permits schools to create homogeneous groupings of students within a heterogeneous student population in order to facilitate instruction
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Ch. 12 Education and School
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