TEST 4 part 1

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  1. what are the functions of the kidney?
    • eliminate waste
    • regulate osmolarity
    • electrolytes and acid base balance
    • detoxify drugs
    • concentrate drugs
    • release hormones
  2. what three hormones are made in the kidney?
    • renin
    • erythropoietin
    • calcitriol
  3. what four hormones exert their primary effects on the kidney?
    • aldosterone
    • ADH
    • ANP
    • parathyroid hormone
  4. what are the layers of the kidney?
    • capsule
    • cortex
    • medulla
    • sinus
    • hilum- sinus contains pelvis
  5. what goes in and out of the hilum of the kidney?
    renal artery and veinsympathetic nervesureter
  6. how does ADH work?
    cause the cell to produce and install aquaporins in the collecting duct so that more water escapes from the urine
  7. how does ANP work?
    • interferes with the actions of aldosterone and ADH
    • increases GFR by relaxing mesangial cells
  8. how does aldosterone work?
    causes the cell to produce more sodium- potassium pumps so that more sodium is reabsorbed and more potassium excreted
  9. trace the circulation of the kidney?
    aorta- renal artery- segmental a- interlobar a- arcuate a- interlobular a- afferent arteriole- glomerulus- efferent arteriole- peritubular capillary or vasa recta- renal vein
  10. describe the innervation of the kidney?
    sympathetic innervation to arterial smooth muscle; dilates or constricts arterioles to change renal blood flow
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