Artificial Insemination

  1. Why do we AI?
    • improve genetics
    • disease control
    • possibly increase fertility
    • decrease breeding expenses
  2. How long can horse semen be kept frozen?
    11 years
  3. What are some advantages of AI?
    • genetic improvement
    • rapid proof of sire
    • availability of sires
    • danger of stud removed
    • disease reduction
    • crossbreeding
    • stud costs are reduced
  4. What are some disadvantages of AI?
    • estrus detection must be good
    • need a trained inseminator
    • some species semen is hard to use
    • poor males use increases if not tested
    • lab costs are high
  5. Why were some people skeptical of AI?
    • concerned foals would be weak or malformed
    • concerned foals would be less intelligent
    • afraid the sex ratio would be altered
    • concerned about the spread of disease
    • concerned about inbreeding
  6. How are horses inseminated?
  7. What factors can affect conception rate in AI?
    • timing of insemination
    • number of sperm inseminated
    • fertility of males
    • skills of inseminator
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