Breeding Records

  1. cycles per conception:
    number of cycles a mare was bred before achieving conception
  2. seasonal pregnancy rate:
    number of mares bred divided by the number of mares pregnant
  3. slipped mare:
    mare that was pregnant but failed to carry the embryo to term
  4. number of breedings per mating:
    number a mare is exposed to a stallion during an estrus cycle
  5. breeding frequency:
    number of times a stallion is bred in a given time period (days or weeks)
  6. What is usually on a mare breeding report?
    • date
    • teasing score
    • uterine tone
    • follicular activity
    • follicular consistency
    • status of cervix
  7. What's important to know about a mare?
    • date of arrival/departure
    • estimated foaling date
    • vaccinations
    • previous treatments
    • stallion book
    • foaling date
    • off-farm treatments
    • breeding dates
    • method of breeding
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Breeding Records
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