Women in Nazi Germany

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  1. The K's
    Kinder (Children), Kuche (Kitchen), Kirche (Church). The only things the Nazis believed women should worry about
  2. Kinder
  3. Kirche
  4. Kuche
  5. Slim Figure
    ... in women were discouraged because they were thought to produce less children
  6. Encouragement of Marriage
    A law which gave newly wed couples a loan of 1,000 marks, and allowed them to keep 250 marks for each child they had
  7. Honour Cross
    An award given to women who had lots of children. Women who had 8+ recieved a gold cross
  8. Single Women (Only Aryan)
    could volunteer to have a baby for an Aryan member of the SS.
  9. High Birth Rate
    Hitler wanted one so the population would grow
  10. Birth Control
    Such as The Pill and Abortions were BANNED
  11. Plain Appearance
    Was encouraged for women. Meaning no make-up, flat shoes, plaited hait etc
  12. Family Benefits
    Were increased and more family allowances were made
  13. Loans
    Were made available to married women who agreed not to work
  14. Workplace
    Was discouraged for women to enter. Some sectors e.g civil service was banned against women to work in
  15. War Work
    Was made compulsory for adult women despite Hitler's reluctancy to get women to work
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