Treaty Of Versialles

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  1. Treaty of versailles
    Signed at the end of First World War on JUNE 1919 between the Allies and Germany.
  2. Rich Women Make Terrible Windows
    Acronyn to help remember the Treaty. Reparations,War guilt, Military restrictions, Territorial changes, Weapon limitations
  3. War Guilt
    Germany had to accept blame for the war and the damaged caused.
  4. Reparations
    Germany had to pay for the damage it caused during the war which was ALOT
  5. Military restrictions
    Also know as disarmament. Germany's army was reduced to prevent future wars.
  6. League of Nations
    Formed after WW1 to prevent another world war. However Treaty of versailles meant GERMANY COULD NOT JOIN
  7. Territorial changes
    Germany lost a great deal of land .
  8. November Criminals
    Infamous name given to German politicians who signed the Versailles peace treaty in 1919.
  9. Armistice
    When countries agree to stop fighing. Germany signed one in 11th November 1918. Ending WW1 and bringing defeat to Germany
  10. Stab in the back
    Some Germans thought the Weimar Government had betrayed Germany.
  11. Rhineland
    Part of Germany.The treaty meant that Germany was not allowed to have their army here
  12. Diktat
    The treaty was called this by many Germans who felt Germany was forced (DICTATED) into signing
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