The Stressman Era. The Golden Years

  1. Gustav Stresemann
    The new chancellor and foreign secretary of Germany in August 1923
  2. Rentenmark
    New currency which replaced the old, worthless Mark. This new currency ended Hyperinflation
  3. 1924 Dawes Plan
    Agreement with America that reduced reparations payments and in which Germany borrowed huge amounts of money from the USA
  4. 1929 Young Plan
    Further reduced reparations by extending the payment deadline by 58 years
  5. 1928 Kellogg Briand Pact
    Germany joined a group of 60 countries who signed this pact which denounced the use of war.
  6. 1925 Locarno Pact
    France agreed to move some troops from Rhineland therefore improving French and German relations
  7. Coalition (Government)
    A group of parties join together so they can have majority of seats in the parliament.
  8. 1929 Wall Street Crash
    Economic downturn which plunged America into depression. Germany could no longer rely on America for money.
  9. October 1929
    Extremely bad month and year for Germany, in which Stressman died and the Wall Street Crash occured
  10. League of Nations
    In 1926, Germany was allowed to join the organization after years of being excluded
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