Rise of Hitler- What factors made it happened

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  1. 6 Million
    Were unemployed by 1932, leading to people wanting to turn to extremist parties such as the Nazis
  2. Economic Depression
    Nazis promised to end it, as the government seemed to be doing nothing to help
  3. Heinrich Bruning
    1930-1932 German chancellor was dismissed by the President due to the awful state of the economy
  4. Franz Von Papen
    Replaced Bruning as chancellor. However he only lasted until Jun to Nov 1932
  5. Kurt von Schleicher
    Replaced Papen as chancellor. However he only lasted until, Dec 1932 to Jan 1933
  6. Chaotic Government
    Three different chancellors in three years indicated the government was in crisis
  7. Soup Kitchens
    Nazis had opened some to help with the poverty striken German citizens
  8. 1928 Support
    Only 3% of people voted for the Nazis
  9. 1932 July
    37% of people voted for Nazis. Making them the largest party in the Reichstag
  10. SA
    They set up soup kitchens and provided jobs for many unemployed ex soilders
  11. Paul Hindenburg
    President of Germany from 1925 until death in 1934. Nicknamed the OLD GENTLEMAN
  12. Rich Industrialists
    Provided financial support for the Nazis because the Nazi party promised rearmament which would give industrialists more business
  13. Alfred Hugenberg
    A rich German businessman and nationalist. He gave the Nazis publicity in the newspapers which made the Nazis more respectable
  14. Communist Fear
    Rich and Middle classes feared the movement because it could mean a loss of their wealth
  15. Nazi Propaganda
    Methods of this appealed to many people. They promised that under Nazis there would be a strong government & recovery
  16. 1932 President Election
    Hitler stood agaisnt Hidenburg and although he didn't win, it gave Hitler more publicity
  17. Nazis vs Papen
    Nazi members on the Reichstag were unwilling to co-operate so Von Papen was unable to govern effectively, leading to him being replaced
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