Nazi Opposition

  1. Communist Party
    Natural political enemies of Nazism. It's members were often persected and arrested
  2. Catholics
    Disagreed with Nazi's abuse of Human rights and euthanasia policies. Nazis had also imprisoned many catholic priests
  3. Passive Resistance
    Most common type of opposition in Nazi Germany. Included telling anti-Hitler jokes and refusing to make 'Heil Hitler' salute
  4. Confessional Church
    A church which rivaled Hitler's one. Set up by Protestant pastors, who were arrested for this
  5. 1933 Concordat
    Agreement made between the Catholic Church and the Nazis to stay out of one another's business
  6. ReichBishop
    Leader of Nazi Church
  7. White Rose Group
    A group who opposed the Nazis peacefully by handing out leaflets and speaking out against murder of Jews
  8. Swing Groups
    Groups of young people who took part in anti-Nazi activities. Such as listening to jazz and drinking alcohol
  9. Edelweiss Pirates
    Groups of young people. Were responsible for anti-Nazi graffiti and beat up Nazi officials.
  10. Sophie Scholl
    Female leader of the White Rose Group. Was beheaded in 1943
  11. Christoph Probst
    Leader of the White Rose Group. Was beheaded in 1943
  12. Hans Scholl
    Leader of the White Rose Group. Brother of Sophie Scholl and was beheaded in 1943
  13. Edelweiss Punishment
    12 Edelweiss Pirates were hanged in Cologne for killing Gestapo Chief
  14. Pastor Niemoller
    Protestant pastor who formed the Confessional Church in opposition to Hitler's Reich Church, was arrested and sent to a concentration camp
  15. Bishop of Munster
    A Catholic bishop, led a successful campaign to end Nazi euthanasia of mentally-disabled people.
  16. With Burning Concern
    In 1937, The Pope's message that attacked Hitler as 'a mad prophet with repulsive arrogance' and was read in every Catholic church
  17. Reichsbanner
    A paramilitary wing of the Social Democratic Party,sabotaged railway lines and acted as spies.
  18. Kreisau Circle (July Bomb Plot)
    A group of army officers and intellectuals,tried to bomb Hitler. But Hitler survived and 5,000 were executed in retaliation
  19. Army Feud
    In 1938, Hitler removed many army leaders which created tension between him and the Army
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