Gleichschaltung- How Hitler took Control

  1. Gleichschaltung
    The Nazis took control of every aspect of German life. Meaning Nazi Germany was a toltalitarian regime
  2. Totalitarian Regime
    A system, where the government controls everything and people have no freedom
  3. People's Courts
    Were set up and were Nazi run- People who disagreed with the government were put on trial or even executed without trial.
  4. Malicious Gossip Law
    It became law and was illegal in 1934 to tell jokes agaisnt the government
  5. Media
    What people read, heard and saw was controlled by the Nazis. This included newspapers, radio and cinema
  6. Indoctrinate
    To brainwash people into accepting only one set of beliefs. Nazi beliefs were taught in schools
  7. Persecute
    Treating people badly because of their beliefs. E.g Nazis took away the freedom or murdered Jews and Communists
  8. Hitler Youth
    Youth group set up for boys. All German boys aged 10-18 had to join. They were basically trained to be soilders in the future
  9. League (of) German Maidens
    Youth group for girls. Girls were trained to be fit and were prepared for motherhood
  10. Repression
    People in Nazi Germany were locked up and even killed without trial. This stopped people from having Free Speech
  11. Terrorise
    The SS and Gestapo (Secret Police) were used to terrorise people into doing as Nazis told them to
  12. Religion
    Hitler persecuted other religions and set up his own church- The Reich Church
  13. Nuremberg Rally
    Massive parades that were usually filmed for the cinema as propaganda. Showed masses how 'great and unstoppable' the Nazis were
  14. Radios
    Were placed in all workplaces and public areas to ensure everyone heard Nazi views
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