Early Stages of the Nazi Party

  1. DAP
    The German Workers Party. Which then Corporal, Adolf Hitler was ordered to investigate in September 1919.
  2. 25 Point Programme
    This outlined Nazi party's beliefs. Which included anti-semitism, Nationalism, Fascism and Socialism ideology
  3. Swastika
    Symbol chosen by Hitler as he realized his party lacked a recognizable symbol or flag. Became the most imfamous symbol of all time
  4. NSDAP
    The National Socialist German Workers (NAZI), the orignal DAP name was changed by Hitler to include the term National Socialist.
  5. July 1921
    The year which Hitler became leader of the NSDAP party
  6. Socialism
    Hitler ideology where the government owns and runs everything. (e.g factories and banks) and divides everything equally between the people
  7. Racism
    Belief that one race is superior to others. Hitler believed the Aryan race was better than others
  8. Anti-Semitism
    Hatred and dislike of Jews. Hitler believed Jews were the reason for most of Germany's shortcomings
  9. Fascism
    Hitler ideology where governments control people's lives by controlling the press and using force e.g. the army
  10. SA
    Hitler's private army, also known as the BROWNSHIRTS. Many were ex-soilders or had been in the Freikorps
  11. SS
    Hitler's private guard, formed in 1925. Elite group of the private army which swore loyalty to Hitler. Also know as BLACKSHIRTS
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