Early Problems of Weimar Government

  1. Kaiser Wilhelm II
    Was overthrown in 1918 and fled to Austria in fear.
  2. 1920 Kapp Putsh
    Freikorps rebelled against the Treaty, led by Dr Wolfgang Kapp. It took over Berlin and tried to bring back the Kaiser. (NATIONALIST)
  3. Communist Uprisings
    Included the Spartacists, Red Army and Communist workers' council. All rebelled agaisnt Weimar Republic
  4. 1923 Munich Putsh
    Hitler's attempt to take over the State Government of Bavaria. However Police defeated the uprising and Hitler was arrested
  5. Hitler Arrest
    Because of treason for organising the Munich Putsh. Only served 5 months due to a sympathetic nationalist Judge
  6. 1923 Occupation (of the) Ruhr
    French and Belgium troops occupied the Ruhr to take coal and steel in form of unpaid reparations
  7. Passive Resistance
    German workers stop working so that French and Belgium troops could not take any coal or steel as none would be produced
  8. Nationalists
    Strongly believe in the greatness of their own country
  9. Communists
    Wanted a classless and stateless society. And everyone should have common ownership with no rich and poor divides
  10. HyperInflation
    Massive inflation that is out of control; Prices rise very quickly and money loses its value
  11. Proportional Representation
    Each party was allocated Reichstag seats reflecting (proportional' to) the number of people who had voted for it.
  12. 1923 Economic Crisis
    The German government printed so much bank notes. The value of the Mark fell. Leading to hyperinflation so food prices rose leading to mass starvation
  13. Article 48
    The German constitution which gave emergency powers to the president to rule by decree.
  14. Proportional Representation
    Tiny parties were created who couldn't get a majority which resulted in many laws not getting passed
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