Ch. 9 Different Family Patterns class notes

  1. What are societies attitudes toward divorce?
    viewed as big negative stigma in a social group
  2. What are the short term emotional reactions to divorce?
    anxiety and revolting against parents (rebelling or acting out)
  3. What are the long term effects of divorce?
    depends on context of the surrounding behavior resulting from the divorce
  4. What are the factors that influence the effects of divorce?
    • Heredity and Temperament
    • Pre-Divorce Economic circumstances
    • Pre-Divorce Parental Behavior
    • Post-Divorce Economic resources
    • Post-Divorce Parental Behavior
    • Amicability of the Divorce (if parents can act like adults after divorce)
    • Relocation/relationship loss
    • Custody/living arrangements
    • Family Types
    • Single parent families (lots of stress)
    • Grandparent-Headed families (could be somewhat uninvolved or very involved)
    • Blended families (Brady bunch)
    • Adopted Adolescents
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Ch. 9 Different Family Patterns class notes
How the patterns within family groups vary