Social Psychology GENDER

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  1. What is natural selection?
    • Process by which heritable traits that best enable organisms to survive and reproduce
    • in particular environments are passed to ensuing generations
  2. What is evolutionary psychology?
    Study of the evolution of cognition and behavior using principles of natural selection
  3. What is gender?
    Characteristics, whether biological or socially influenced, by which people define male and female
  4. How is gender different from sex?
    Sex is strictly biological, whereas gender has both social and biological characteristics.
  5. What are some differences between woman and man regarding independence and connectedness?
    1. Women are generally less aggressive and prefer smaller groups; men are generally more aggressive and prefer larger groups.

    2. Women are generally more empathetic than men.

    3.  Under stress, women tend to seek out friends; men respond with "fight or flight" responses.
  6. What are some differences between woman and man regarding social dominance? Be able to know some statistics regarding this difference.
    Men tend to be more autocratic; women more democratic. (In 2008, women only made up 18% of the world's legislators.)
  7. What are some differences between woman and man regarding aggression?
    Men tend to get arrested more for violent acts.
  8. How do women express their aggression different from men?
    Indirectly; gossip, exlusion.
  9. How woman and man are different regarding sexuality?
    Men typically want more partners; women usually don't (those that do are ostracized).

    Women are more inspired by emotional passion.
  10. How evolutionary theory will explain the difference between gender regarding mating preferences?
    • Men seek quantity; women seek quality. 
    • Men seek physical characteristics; women the ability to provide resources and commitment.
  11. Parental Investment Theory
    Men seek out many partners to compete with other men, and spread his genes to many different women.

    Women seek out quality, because she doesn't want to get with a male that will abandon her, and not help her raise her child.
  12. What is gender role?
    Set of behavior expectations (norms) for males and females
  13. What factors will influence gender roles?
    1. Time period: In the 50's, women were expected to be stay-at-home mothers. Now, their expected to hold down full time jobs AND maintain the household.

    2. Culture
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