Quiz 4

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  1. Fatty acid catabolism happens in the _____ (organelle) of the cell, while fatty acid synthesis happens in the _____ of the cell.
    • Mitochondria
    • cytosol
  2. Fatty acid is released in small intestine by _____ (enzyme) secreted by pancreas.
    pancreatic lipase
  3. The major circulatory lipoprotein for cholesterol and cholesterol esters that is often referred to as "bad cholesterol" is _______.
  4. Acyl-CoA dehydrogenases are membrane--associated enzymes. True or False.
    False (depending on the length of the fatty acid, some are soluble)
  5. How is the long chain fatty acid transported from cytosol to the mitochondrial?
  6. What's the major form of stored energy in animals?
    • triacylglycerol or
    • adipose fat
  7. Please write down the reaction(s) that produce(s) NADH in B-oxidation including the structures of the molecules and enzymes (coenzymes).
    B-hydroxyacyl-CoA--- (B-hydroxyacyl-CoA dehydrogenase)---> B-ketoacyl-CoA
  8. Fatty acid synthesis in mammals is catalyzed by a large X-shaped homodimeric enzyme and its name is....
    Fatty acid synthase I
  9. Which of the following lipoprotein complexes has the lowest protein to lipid ratio?
  10. B-oxidation of 1 molecule of palmitic acid produces ___ NADH, ____ FADH2 and ______ Acetyl-CoA.
    • 7 NADH
    • 7 FADH2
    • 8 Acetyl-Coa
  11. To synthesize one molecule of palmitic acid, ___ acetyl-CoA, ___ Malonyl CoA, ___ NADPH are required.
    • 1 Acetyl-CoA
    • 7 Malonyl CoA
    • 14 NADPH
  12. How is the metabolic water produced from B-oxidation?
    Aceryl-CoA from B-oxidation is transported to TCA cycle to produce more NADH and FADH2. All NADH and FADH2 produced from B-oxidation are fed into electron transport pathway and the ultimate electron acceptor is O2, which turns into water.
  13. The major lipoprotein synthesized by the liver for the transport of lipids to the peripheral tissues is...
    very low density lipoprotein
  14. Lipoproteins don't contain phospholipid. True or false.
  15. High HDL levels correlate with a high risk of cardiovascular disease. True or false.
  16. Which enzyme catalyzes the reaction of Malonyl-CoA to Malonyl-ACP?
  17. Please complete the following reaction and state which enzyme catalyzes the reaction.
    Acetyl-ACP + Malonyl-ACP --->...
    • CH3-CO-CH2-CO-S-ACP
    • Enzyme: ketoacyl synthase
  18. Please complete the last step to form 4-carbon fatty acyl-ACP, state which enzyme catalyzes the reaction, and state the coenzyme required.
    ..... -----> CH3-CH2-CH2-CO-S-ACP
    • CH3-CH=CH-CO-S-ACP
    • Enzyme: Beta-Enoyl-ACP
    • Coenzyme: NADPH/NADP+
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