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  1. AWP
    average wholesale price - suggested list price from wholesaler to pharmacy

    used in wholesale
  2. WAC
    wholesale acquisition cost - published list price for brand/generic from manufacturer

    used in manufacturing
  3. AMP
    average manufacturing price - average selling price by wholesalers to retail pharmacies/manufacturing 

    used in manufacturing
  4. MAC
    maximum allowable cost - max amount a health plan will pay for a generic medication 

    used in pharmacies
  5. impact drug shortage has on health systems
    • inc in resources used to manage shortage
    • diverted financial, personnel resources
  6. impact drug shortage has on individual patients
    • delayed/unavailable care
    • safety implications
  7. impact drug shortage has on provider
    • diverts health care professional from direct pt care activities to look for alternatives 
    • increased med errors
  8. "value proposition" in clinical pharmacy
    • pharmacists can inc quality of care & positive pt experience
    • pharmacists aim to look for best costs 

    --> inc value
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