ChapterEleven Urinary System terms

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  1. urology
    the medical discipline specializing in the clinical treatment of urinary disease
  2. nephrology
    the medical field that studies and treats disorders associated with the kidneys
  3. albuminuria
    the condition of albumin in the urine
  4. urinalysis (UA)
    a collection of clinical lab tests that are performed on a urine specimen
  5. anuresis
    the inability to pass urine
  6. anuria
    the production of less than 100 mL of urine per day
  7. azotemia
    abnormally high levels of urea and other nitrogen-containing compounds in the blood
  8. bacteriuria
    abnormal presence of bacteria in the urine
  9. diuresis
    excessive discharge or urine
  10. dysuria
    difficulty or pain during urination
  11. glycosuria
    the abnormal presence of glucose (sugar) in the urine
  12. hematuria
    the abnormal presence of blood in the urine
  13. ketonuria
    the abnormal presence of ketone bodies in the urine
  14. nocturia
    the need to urinate frequently at night
  15. oliguria
    reduced urination
  16. polyuria
    chronic excessive urination due to the production of abnormally large volumes of urine
  17. proteinuria
    the presence of any protein in the urine
  18. pyuria
    the presence of pus in the urine
  19. cystitis
    inflammation of the urinary bladder
  20. urethrocystitis
    infection of the urethra and urinary bladder causing inflammation
  21. cystocele
    a protrusion of the urinary bladder against the wall of the vagina
  22. cystolith
    a stone in the urinary bladder
  23. enuresis
    the involuntary release of urine
  24. epispadias
    a congenital defect in the abnormal positioning of the urinary meatus
  25. glomerulonephritis
    inflammation of the glomeruli
  26. glomerulonephropathy
    any disease of the glomeruli
  27. hydronephrosis
    distension of the renal pelvis due to a blockage of urine
  28. hypospadias
    a congenital defect in which urinary meatus is shifted ventrally
  29. urinary incontinence
    the inability to control urination
  30. stress incontinence
    an involuntary discharge of urine occurs during a cough, sneeze, or strained movement
  31. nephritis
    inflammation of a kidney
  32. nephroblastoma (Wilms' tumor)
    a tumor that originates form kidney tissue and includes embryonic cells
  33. nephrolithiasis (renal calculi)
    the presence of one or more stones (or calculi) within a kidney, also called renal calculi
  34. nephroma
    a general term for a tumor that arises from kidney tissue
  35. nephromegaly
    abnormal enlargement of one or both kidneys
  36. nephroptosis (floating kidney)
    a downward displacement of a kidney, commonly called floating kidney
  37. polycystic kidney disease
    a condition in which numerous (or many) cysts occupy much of the kidney tissue
  38. pyelitis
    inflammation of the renal pelvis
  39. pyelonephritis
    inflammation of the renal pelvis and nephrons
  40. strictures
    condition of abnormal narrowing
  41. ureteral stricture (ureterostenosis)
    ureter is narrowed
  42. urethral stricture
    urethra is narrowed
  43. ureterovesical stricture
    in which the conjunction of the ureter and bladder is narrowed
  44. uremia
    excess urea and other nitrogenous wastes in the blood
  45. ureteritis
    inflammation of a ureter
  46. ureterocele
    herniated ureter
  47. uretherolithiasis
    one or more stones (or calculi) within a ureter
  48. urinary retention
    abnormal accumulation (or retention) of urine within the urinary bladder
  49. urinary suppresion
    an acute stoppage of urine formation by the kidneys
  50. acute renal failure
    a condition in which kidney function ceases
  51. urinary tract infection (UTI)
    an infection of urinary organs, usually the urethra and urinary bladder
  52. blood urea nitrogen (BUN)
    a lab test that measures urea concentration in blood as an indicator of kidney function
  53. creatinine
    a protein that is a normal component of urine in small amounts and is measured in urine samples
  54. cystectomy
    surgical removal of the urinary bladder
  55. cystogram
    the X-ray image of the urinary bladder that results from a procedure called cystography that involves the injection of a contrast medium or dye
  56. cystography
    an X-ray procedure producing an image of the urinary bladder with injection of a contrast medium or dye
  57. cystourethrogram
    the image obtained from cystourethrography
  58. cystourethrography
    a cystography that includes the urethra
  59. cystoureterography
    a cystography that includes the ureters
  60. cystoureterogram
    the image obtained from a cystoureterography
  61. voiding cystoerethrogram (VCUG)
    a cystoerethrogram procedure that includes X-rays taken before, during, and after urination to observe bladder function
  62. cystolithotomy
    the removal of a stone through an incision in the urinary bladder
  63. cystoplasty
    surgical repair of the urinary bladder
  64. cystorrhaphy
    suturing of the urinary bladder wall
  65. cystoscopy
    a diagnostic procedure that uses a modified endoscope to view the interior of the urinary bladder
  66. cystostomy
    the surgical creation of an artificial opening into the urinary bladder
  67. cystotomy (vesicotomy)
    an incision through the urinary bladder wall, also called vesicotomy
  68. fulguration
    a surgical procedure that destroys living tissue with electric current, used to remove tumors and polyps from interior wall of the bladder
  69. hemodialysis (HD)
    a procedure that pushes a patients blood through permeable membranes within an instrument to artificially remove nitrogenous wastes and excess ions
  70. lithotripsy
    a surgical technique that applies concentrated sound waves to pulverize or crush (or dissolve) kidney stones
  71. extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL)
    a lithotripsy procedure in which ultrasonic energy from a source outside of the body is used on stones that are too large to pass through the urethra
  72. nephrectomy
    the surgical removal of a kidney
  73. nephrogram
    the X-ray image of the kidney from a nephrography
  74. nephrography
    an X-ray technique that produces an image of a kidney after injection of a contrast medium or dye
  75. nephrologist
    a physician specializing in the field of nephrology
  76. nephrolysis
    surgical procedure in which abnormal adhesions are removed from a kidney, which loosens the organ
  77. nephropexy
    surgical fixation of a kidney
  78. nephroscopy
    visual examination of kidney nephrons using a nephroscope
  79. nephrosonography
    an ultrasound procedure that provides an image of a kidney for diagnostic analysis
  80. nephrostomy
    the surgical creation of an opening through the body wall and into a kidney, also called pyelostomy
  81. nephrotomogram
    the X-ray image obtained from a diagnostic procedure that images the kidney to observe internal details of kidney structures
  82. nephrotomography
    a diagnostic procedure that images the kidney with sectional X-rays to observe internal details of kidney structure
  83. peritoneal dialysis
    the use of artificial filtration to cleanse (or filter) fluids from the peritoneal cavity
  84. pyelogram
    a procedure that injects a contrast medium into the ureter using a cystoscope to examine kidney-related disorders
  85. retrograde pyelogram (RP)
    X-ray image produced by means of injecting a contrast medium into a ureter using a cystoscope
  86. intravenous pyelogram (IVP)
    a pyelogram of the renal pelvis which uses iodine as the contrast medium and is injected into the bloodstream
  87. pyelolithotomy
    surgical removal of a stone from the renal pelvis
  88. pyeloplasty
    surgical repair of the renal pelvis
  89. renal transplant
    the replacement of a dysfunctional kidney with a donor kidney
  90. renography
    an examination that uses nuclear medicine by IV injection of radioactive material into the kidney
  91. renogram
    the recording of a renography
  92. specific gravity (SG)
    the measurement of the density of substances in a liquid compared to water
  93. ureterectomy
    the surgical removal of a ureter
  94. ureterostomy
    the surgical creation of an opening through a ureter
  95. ureterotomy
    an incision into the wall of the ureter
  96. urethropexy
    surgical fixation of the urethra
  97. urethroplasty
    surgical repair of the urethra
  98. urethrostomy
    surgical creation of an opening through the urethra
  99. urethrotomy
    an incision into the wall of the urethra
  100. urinalysis (UA)
    a collection of clinical lab tests that are performed on a urine specimen
  101. urinary catheterization
    the process of inserting a urinary catheter into the urethra to drain urine from an immobile patient's bladder
  102. urinary endoscopy
    the use of an endoscope to observe (or view) internal structures of the urinary system
  103. meatoscope
    a specialized endoscope used to view the urinary meatus
  104. nephroscope
    a specialized endoscope used to view the kidneys
  105. urethroscope
    specialized endoscope is associated with viewing the urethra
  106. cystoscope
    specialized endoscope associated with observing with interior of the urinary bladder
  107. urinometer
    a device that measures specific gravity of a urine sample
  108. urologist
    physician who treats disorders of the urinary system
  109. vesicourethral suspension
    a surgery that stabilizes the position of the urinary bladder.
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