1. What are 3 mentioned things that schizophrenia is not?
    • A split personality 
    • Caused by childhood trauma, bad parenting, poverty
    • The result of any action or personal failure by the individual
  2. What are common myths about schizophrenia?
    • Any person with it is incapable of making life Decisions and needs the help of a legal guardian 
    • People with it are violent
  3. What are the treatments for schizophrenia?
    • antipsychotics 
    • psychotherapy 
    • occupational therapy 
    • social skills therapy
  4. What percentage of the population will develop schizophrenia during their lifetime? Who does it affect more commonly, men or women?
    • 1% of the worlds population is the stable number 
    • it affects men and women equally; but appears earlier in men than in women
  5. What races is schizophrenia seen in? How is the onset? What is the prognosis?
    • Seen in every race and culture 
    • Onset can be sudden and intense. 
    • It can be successfully treated with drugs, but long term prognosis is poor
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