Nervous System Diseases

  1. Multiple sclerosis
    • "many hardenings"
    • idiopathic
    • degeneration of the insulating layer of nerve fibers
    • loss of insulation allows "short circuiting"
    • depending on where degeneration occurs, patients may suffer paralysis, senesory disturbances or blindness
  2. Cerebrovascular accident (CVA)
    • "Stroke"
    • blood vessel in brain may burst causing internal bleeding
    • clot may arise in brain blood vessel, or elsewhere and travel to get stuck in the brain, causing hypoxia in the brain
  3. Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA)
    • Ischemia-not quite enough blood
    • short period of insufficient blood supply to the brain causes similar signs to Cerebrovascular accident (stroke)
    • lasts less than 24 hours
    • ppl with TIA are at increased risk of having a stroke
  4. Epilepsy
    • "seizure"
    • occur at any age, seizures are more intense, longer lasting, recur with some frequency
  5. Aphasia
    • Loss of speech
    • occurs due to Cerebrovascular accident (stroke) or traumatic brain injury to left side of the brain
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Nervous System Diseases
Nervous System Diseases