Unit 67 crime

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  1. (badly) injure
    beat up
  2. enter (eg a store) by force and rob it
    break into
  3. escape from a prison
    break out
  4. steal something openly (by cheating)
    walk off with something
  5. steal money from a building or organisation with brute force
    hold (smth) up (smth)
  6. secretly warn someone about something that will happen
    tip (sb) off (sb)
  7. make someone believe something that is not true
    lead (sb) on (sb)
  8. not punish someone who did something bad
    let (sb) off (sb)
  9. make somone do something by persuading them (informal)
    lean sb
  10. be or become involved in an illegal or bad activity
    be or get mixed up in sth
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Unit 67 crime
This word set is based on 'English Phrasal Verbs in Use' by Michael McCarthy and Felicity O'Dell.
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