Engine Blocks

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  1. Identify the two different materials used to make engine blocks
    Aluminum, Cast Iron
  2. Name 3 purpose of the a Cylinder Block
    • serves as a rigid foundation for all major engine components.
    • contains passageways for oil and coolant 
    • provides mounting surfaces for engine accessories.
  3. Aluminum Cylinder Blocks - 3 points
    • Lighter than cast iron 
    • reduces vehicle weight and leads to lower emissions and improve fuel economy. 
    • Aluminum blocks require cast iron cylinder liners to prevent excessive wear in the cylinders.
  4. How does the Sand-Casting process work ?
    Molten metal is poured into a sand-based mould that contains the rough shape of the finished component.
  5. What are Siamese Cylinders ?
    cylinders that are cast to each other with no coolant passages between them to provide support.
  6. Process of Die-Casting ?
    Molten Aluminum is poured into a metal die or mould and allowed to cool.
  7. State two reasons that oil galleries in the block are drilled instead of cast ?
    • to provide a smooth, uniform passage with no restriction or flashing tht might restrict flow. 
    • to ensure that there is no sand left from the casting process.
  8. Expansion plugs are often called _______. And they reduce ______________ .
    • Frost Plugs. 
    • as they may pop out to reduce the chance of the block cracking if the coolant freezes.
  9. Purpose of a Cylinder Liner ?
    The liner can be replaced to restore worn cylinder bores to original dimensions without machining.
  10. Advantages of multi-piece blocks
    • reduced noise
    • vibration and harshness 
    • increase bottom end rigidity.
  11. Identity the different types of cylinder liners
    • Dry Liner 
    • Wet Liner
  12. Name two situations where you might use a dry sleeve in an integral cylinder engine ?
    • to restore cylinder to its original bore dimension. 
    • to repair damaged cylinder.
  13. A inline cylinder block has its cylinders numbered from which end of the block ?
    from front to rear.
  14. Wet Liner
    is a replaceable sleeve with an outer surface that is in direct contact with the engine coolant.

    Coolant surrounds the outer surface of the liner and therefore heat is transferred directly from the liner material to the coolant.
  15. Dry Liner
    is a replaceable sleeve that has no contact with engine coolant. 

    a relief is cut under the flange so the liner will fit into the block without interfering with the edge of the counterbore.
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