rtvf 74 chapter 7

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  1. audio impressions
    any sound, could be subtle or subconscious effects, could be created or enhanced in post
  2. storyboards
    sketches in numbered boxes that show the details of a scene, done by producer often with director and upm and line
  3. floor plans
    overhead view of what you plan to shoot and space around it
  4. production meeting is called by
    producer, and invites kay positions (gaffer, key grip, DP, etc) to go through schedule
  5. do read throughs
    at production meeting if requires rehearsals
  6. guerrilla casting
    low budget, advertise audition dates
  7. union signatory
    producer or production company agree to comply with guidelines and regulations of union
  8. fringe benefits
    payments that include payroll taxes, pension, health and other union benefits
  9. rate of pay
    daily, weekly or per picture rates
  10. per diem
    when on location a daily allowance to cover meals, transportation and other expenses
  11. speaking lines
    all on camera parts with or without lines have their own pay scale
  12. screen credit
    the actors credit itself, placement, order agreements
  13. turnaround time
    usually 12-hour break of time between end of one shooting day and call time for next day
  14. real people
    real people for reality shows
  15. look-sees
    before taping talk shows, producer tests blocking guest entrance, desk cross
  16. key people producer hires
    director, DP, PM, AD, audio engineer, production designer, post-production supervisor
  17. first key position to be filled
  18. nle systems
    nonlinear editing systems for post production supervisor
  19. digital asset manager
    responsible for management, storage, transportation of digital media
  20. best boy
    assistant to gaffer, ties cables safely
  21. static location
    in someones home, office, outside shot of baseball field
  22. moving location
    character on a busy street, day in the life sequence, b-roll
  23. cover set
    alternative interior location dressed for shooting back up scene if you cant shoot exterior
  24. splits
    half day half night schedule
  25. making the day
    finish what was planned for each day
  26. call sheet
    list of what shots are planned for next day, what will be shot and who needs to be there and call times, location, equipment and scene numbers
  27. production report
    at the end of each day, a summary of what was shot that day with call times, scene numbers, deleted shots, crew members and hours, crafty, delays
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