Lecture #8 Plants

  1. What is the closest relative of land plants?
    Green algae called charophytes.
  2. What are some key traits land plants share with charophytes?
    • -Flagellated sperm
    • -Phragmoplast (divides the daughter cell nuclei during cell division
    • -Sporopollenin (molecules on plant spores and charophyte zygote surfaces that prevent them from drying out.)
  3. Alternation of Generations
    When a species alternates between haploid and diploid states during the life cycle.
  4. Gametophyte
    is haploid and produces haploid and produces haploid gametes by mitosis
  5. Sporophyte
    The fusion of gametes. Is a diploid but produces haploid spores by meiosis.
  6. Placental Transfer Cells
    Transfers nutrients from parent to embryo
  7. Embryophytes
    Land plants are called this because of the dependency of the embryo on the parent.
  8. The life cycle of plants.
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Lecture #8 Plants
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