Circulatory System Procedures

  1. Cardiologist
    • physician specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of disease of the circulatory system, especially the heart
    • does not perform surgery
  2. Hematologist
    specializing in diseased of the blood
  3. Echocardiogram
    • ECG/EKG
    • printout recording of the electrical activity of the heart
  4. Echocardiography
    • using ultra high frequency sound waves to form an image of the inside of the heart
    • demonstrates valve damage, congenital (before birth) defects etc
  5. Cardiac catheterization
    • a catheter is inserted into the artery
    • then material opaque to x-rays can be released
    • this identifies a blockage and location in the coronary circulation
  6. Phlebotomist/venipuncturist
    specially trainer nurse/tech that draws blood for lab test  and may start IV
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Circulatory System Procedures
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