Circulatory System Diseases

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  1. Atherosclerosis
    • "hardening of the fatty stuff"
    • hardening of the arteries due to fatty areas becoming calcified.
  2. Myocardial Infarction
    • blockage of blood flow to the muscles of the heart
    • blockage occurs in one of the coronary arteries
  3. Mitral prolapse, stenosis, regurgitation
    • when the atrioventricular valve (or mitral valve) is torn off by disease
    • prolapse (falling forward) occurs in the heart
    • regurgitation occurs

    A valve may be abnormally narrow causing a partial obstruction constricting floor (stenosis)
  4. Angina pectoris
    • "pain in the chest" 
    • crushing, viselike. often accompanied by shortness of breath, fatigue and nausea. 
    • indication that not enough blood is getting to the heart muscle
  5. Arrhythmia/dysrhythmia
    • "no rhythm"
    • "abnormal rhythm"
  6. Ischemia
    • when the heart muscle isn't getting enough blood or, more importantly, enough oxygen
    • "not quite enough blood"
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