Astro set 5

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  1. A planet is orbiting a star. Which of the following statements is true for the acceleration and gravitational forces experienced by the star and the planet?
    The acceleration of the planet is much more than the acceleration of the star, but the force on the star is the same but opposite the force on the planet.
  2. At which lunar phase(s) are tides most pronounced (for example, the highest high tides)?
    both new and full moons
  3. Radiative energy is ________.
    energy carried by light
  4. If your weight is 600 N on Earth, what would your weight be on the Moon?
    much less than on Earth
  5. The ultimate source of energy that powers the Sun is
    mass energy of hydrogen fusing into helium.
  6. According to the law of universal gravitation, what would happen to
    Earth if the Sun were somehow replaced by a black hole of the same mass?
    Earth's orbit would not change.
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