Cápitulo 22 Verbos

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  1. agradecer (zc)
    to thank
  2. amarrar
    to tie
  3. anotar
    to take note
  4. anular
    to cancel
  5. arreglar
    to fix
  6. atar
    to tie
  7. colgar (ue)
    to hang
  8. contar (ue)
    to tell
  9. coser
    to sew
  10. decir (irreg)
    to say; to ask
  11. devolver (ue)
    to return
  12. envolver (ue)
    to wrap
  13. explicar
    to explain
  14. ilustrar
    to ilustrate
  15. invitar
    to invite
  16. llevar
    to carry
  17. localizar
    to locate
  18. pedir (i)
    to ask; to ask for; to request
  19. ponerse en contacto con
    to get in touch with
  20. prestar
    to lend
  21. prometer
    to promise
  22. proponer (irreg)
    to propose
  23. recoger
    to pick up
  24. recordar (ue)
    to remind
  25. referir (ie)
    to refer
  26. remitir
    to remit; to send
  27. sugerir (ie)
    to suggest
  28. tener lugar
    to take place (an event)
  29. tomar nota
    to take note
  30. tomar prestado
    to borrow
  31. traer (irreg)
    to bring
  32. tratar de
    to deal with; to have to do with
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