BRC 65

  1. ELO 1

    What is the definition of a home visit?
    Is defined as a visit to a house that you have never visited before to try to contact an individual that you have never talked to.
  2. ELO 2

    How to prepare for a home visit?
    Ensure TC's are accomplished first

    Ensure Phone-A-Gram was sent

    Seek help from poolees, Reservists, and/or contacts

    Try contacting the prospect at school

    Bring interview materials, (screening tools, ASVAB list, Benefit Tags, Proof sources, literature, etc.).
  3. ELO 3

    How to plan a home visit?
    Location (Schedule HV's by H.S area or by sector so they can be incorporated into other scheduled visits).

    Market (Is the prospect a senior or graduate?)

    Time of day (Schedule at a time when is likely to be home).

    Objective (To meet face-to-face, conduct an interview, and schedule them for processing).
  4. ELO 4

    What are the Procedures for Conducting Home Visits?
    Confirm Contact with the Prospect

    State the Purpose of the Visit

    Listen for Needs and Interests

    Conduct Basic Screening

    Conduct Appointment/Interview

    Conclude the HV

    Record Results

    Analyze Results
  5. ELO 5

    What are the Techniques for Home Visits?
    Knock firmly

    Give and Opening

    Man next door

    Obtain agreement from the mother or father

    Establish rapport

    Set an appointment

    Leave a door hanger
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