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  1. ELO 1

    What is the definition of an Area Canvass?
    An Area Canvass Contact is defined as meeting likely prospects face-to-face, obtaining their names, and sufficient information for the purpose of gaining an appointment.
  2. ELO 2

    How to prepare for Area Canvassing?
    Recruiters must familiarize themselves with their area to identify the locations that are most likely to produce area canvassing contacts.

    • -Seeking information about lucrative AC apots from the NCOIC, poolees, and contacts.
    • -Taking the initiative to recon the area to identify perspective AC locations.
    • -Traveling any established IRT's.
    • -Repeating the familiarization process for each season of the year, as youth habits and hangouts change within the season.
    • -The location of the following are critical for area canvassing:

    H.S/CC, Technical Training Centers, Shopping Malls, Community Centers, Recreation Parks, Fast Food Restaurants, Businesses that hire young people, Unemployment Offices and Job Training Centers, and Sporting Events/Fairs/Carnivals/Military Shows.
  3. ELO 3

    How to plan and schedule for Area Canvassing?
    Plan area canvassing when contact is most likely. AC's work on the street, in business locations, or at schools, provided they are done at the right time.

    Schedule AC's to fill open time between appointments and telephone canvassing.

    The amount of time spent area canvassing depends on the recruiter's schedule and the traveling distance to AC locations.

    AC's can be elaborately planned such as "fruit stands" at high school career days or county fairs where films, telecorders, brochures, incentive items, and screening tools are employed.
  4. ELO 4

    What are the Procedures for Conducting Area Canvassing?
    • Initiate contact
    • Request an Appointment!
    • Listen for needs or interests
    • Conduct basic screening
    • Obtain name, address, and phone number
    • Conclude the AC
    • Record results
    • Analyze results
  5. ELO 5

    What are the Techniques for Area Canvassing?
    • Be outgoing
    • Avoid going right to the issue
    • Participate
    • Express an interest
    • Use yourself as a sales aid and proof source
    • Travel, adventure and training
    • Identify the leader of any group
    • Do not conduct interviews on the street
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