BRC 29

  1. ELO 1

    What is the purpose of collateral material?
    Provide the Recruiter with a READY REFERENCE to aid him/her with Marine Corps Product Knowledge.
  2. ELO 2

    what are the three types of sales aids?
    Benefit Tags

    Collateral Material

    DVD Telecorder / Laptop
  3. ELO 3

    What are the four types of collateral material?
    Marine Corps Opportunities Book

    Choose a Place among the Few Book

    Platoon Book

    Any other literature geared toward the Marine Corps
  4. ELO 4

    What are the four rules governing the use of collateral material?
    Know the Content so that you know where to find what you're looking for, and once found expand on what the prospect is seeing.

    Personalize your collateral material where appropriate.

    Tell and show the prospect how he/she is going to get the benefit.

    Make sure your use of the collateral material is timely and coordinated with the prospect's concerns or needs.
  5. ELO 5

    What are the three rules governing the use of a DVD Telecorder / Laptop?
    Know what's on each film.

    Don't let the prospect watch the film alone.

    Resolve the prospect's concerns and support his/her needs as they occur.
  6. ELO 6

    When to employ collateral material?
    Resolving the concern of Skepticism.

    It's appropriate (to assist in supporting a prospect's need.)
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