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  1. divided by skin colors as separate races
    human sapiens
  2. persons related by common ancestry
    race. used by socio-political
  3. relied upon slave labor
    -attempt justify enslavement
    -belief superiority of colonizers
  4. homo sapiens always maintained?
    gene flow. without speciation occurs
  5. we never speciated
  6. why do we have different superficial traits?
    through adaptation shared by natural selection over time. also through sexual adaptation
  7. clines
    across geographic zone
  8. population with low migration
    • -less variation
    • -exhibit distinct traits
  9. what defines ethnic group?
    • Ethnic identity
    • -common ancestry, history, culture
    • Self-identity
    • -link to ancestral past
  10. do we inherit ethnicity?
    by enculturation
  11. Ethnic boundary markers
    • -develop distinction
    • -relevant identity
  12. homogenize society-stronger national identity
  13. policy for native Americans
    forced assimilation
  14. recognize ethnic contributions
    and richness of cultural diversity
  15. gender
    cultural assign
  16. sex
  17. social role:
    Male-public arena
    Female-domestic arena
  18. alternative genders: native american
    two-spirit person(berdache)
    institutional in culture
  19. considered third gender
    hijras of india
  20. archeological evidence
    female warrriors
  21. contribute most economically
    social status
  22. cultural ideas legitimize
    -hierarchy develops with built-in bias
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