Radiology Boundaries

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  1. Thoracic radiographs
    • Scapula humeral joint to below diaphragm 
    • Taken on inspiration
  2. Abdomen radiograph
    • Above liver to acetabulum (7-8 rib)
    • Taken on expiration
    • Stomach on left 
    • Measure over last rib
  3. Dorsal Palmar Phalanges and Lateral phalanges radiograph
    • Above carpal joint to end of toes
    • Measure over pads
  4. Dorsal palmer carpus and lateral carpus radiograph
    • 1/3 of bones distal and proximal 
    • Measure carpus bone
  5. Cranial/caudal Radius/Ulna and Lateral Radius/Ulna radiograph
    • Above elbow joint on humerus to carpal joint
    • Measure over elbow
  6. Distal phalanx ( coffin bone) radiograph
    Entire hoof
  7. Proximal phalanges (large animal) radiograph
    First and second phalanges
  8. Fetlock joint radiograph
    Entire fetlock joint and  small portions of bones proximal and distal to the joint
  9. Carpus joint radiograph
    Entire carpus joint and small portion of bones proximal and distal to the joint
  10. Tarsus joint radiograph
    Entire tarsal joint and small portion of bones proximal and distal to joint
  11. Navicular bone radiograph
    Second and third phalanges
  12. DICOM meaning
    Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine
  13. VD Hip-extended radiograph
    • Crest of ilium to distal patella 
    • Measure thickest part of the pelvis
  14. Lateral Pelvis radiograph
    • Cranial to the wing of the ilium to the caudal ischium 
    • Measure: Thickest part of the trochanter
  15. Craniocaudal view of the femur
    • Hip to the knee
    • Measure: Mid-shaft of the femur
  16. Lateral stifle
    • 1/3 of tibia to 1/3 distal the femur 
    • Measure: Distal end of femur
  17. Caudocranial view of the tibia/fibula
    • Tarsus to stifle
    • Measure: Mid-shaft of tibia and fibula
  18. Lateral phalanges
    • Tarsus: 1/3 proximal metatarsus and 1/3 distal tibula and fibula
    • Measure: Tarsus joint
  19. DP Phalanges
    • Tarsus: 1/3 metatarsus to 1/3 distal tibula and fibula 
    • Measure: Tarsus joint
  20. Caudocranial view of the scapula
    • Shoulder joint and caudal bored of scapula 
    • Measure: Scapulohumeral joint
  21. Lateral scapula
    • Shoulder joint to caudal bored of scapula
    • Measure: Cranial border of the scapula
  22. Lateral humerus
    • Proximal to shoulder and distal to elbow
    • Measure: Shoulder joint
  23. Caudocranial view of humerus
    • Proximal shoulder to distal of elbow joint
    • Measure: First thoracic vertebrae
  24. Lateral extended elbow
    • 1/3 proximal of radius/ulna to 1/3 distal humerus
    • Measure: Thickest part of elbow
  25. Lateral flexed elbow
    • 1/3 proximal radius/ulna to 1/3 distal humerus
    • Measure: Distal humerus with elbow flexed
  26. Craniocaudal view of elbow
    • 1/3 proximal radius/ulna to 13 distal humerus 
    • Measure: Thickest part of the elbow
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