GRE Words (U)

  1. ubiquitous
    • (adj.) existing or being everywhere at the same time;
    • (adj.) omnipresent
  2. umbrage
    • (n.) a feeling of anger, usually caused by offense;
    • (n.) indignation
  3. unanimity
    (adj.) complete agreement and accord
  4. uncanny
    • (adj.) unsettling in an eerie and mysterious way;
    • (adj.) mysterious, creepy
  5. unconscionable
    (adj.) not restrained by good morals or scruples
  6. unearth
    • (v.) to bring up out of the earth;
    • (v.) to dig up
  7. unfeigned
    (adj.) sincere and genuine
  8. ungainly
    • (adj.) ungraceful and awkward;
    • (adj.) clumsy
  9. unison
    (adj.) in perfect accord
  10. unseemly
    • (adj.) not in accordance with acceptable standards or good taste;
    • (adj.) markedly improper
  11. unsullied
    (adj.) unblemished, untarnished, pure and immaculate
  12. upbraid
    (v.) to criticize or scold
  13. usury
    (n.) the lending or practice of money at exorbitant interest
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GRE Words (U)
GRE Words(U)