GRE Words (P)

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  1. pacify
    • (v.) to bring about or restore a peaceful state of mind;
    • (v.) to appease;
    • (v.) to subdue into submission, particularly by the use of military force
  2. palliate
    • (v.) to relieve or lessen;
    • (v.) to mitigate
  3. paltry
    • (adj.) measly;
    • (adj.) wretched
    • (नीच)
    • (Tag: Hindi pal means moment in hindi,its very can b neglected when we r wasting hrs on facebook:))
  4. panacea
    • (n.) a remedy for all ailments, illnesses or disease;
    • (n.) an answer or solution for all problems
    • (राम - बाण ,IS WORD sound like pan of asia,which suggest remedy for all problems occuring in asia.)
  5. panoply
    • (n.) a diverse range or display;
    • (n.) a whole suit of armor;
    • (n.) ceremonial attire
    • (ठाट - बाट, रक्षा)
  6. paradox
    • (n.) a statement or circumstance which seems intrinsically self-contradictory;
    • (n.) any person thing or circumstance which displays an inherently contradictory nature
  7. paragon
    • (n.) a model or archetype of excellence;
    • (v.) to compare
  8. pariah
    • (n.) an outcast;
    • (n.) a person or animal that is overtly avoided
  9. parsimonious
    • (adj.) excessively thrifty and economical;
    • (adj.) cheap
    • (किफ़ायती)
    • (Tag: English a person who is not willing to spend money from his purse - Purse = MY money!)
  10. pathos
    • (n.) that which invokes and arouses feelings of awe, pity or sorry;
    • (n.) the feeling of pity and arousal
  11. peculation
    • (n.) the fraudulent misuse of funds or property entrusted to you but not owned by you;
    • (n.) embezzlement
  12. pecuniary:
    • (adj.) of or relating to money
    • (
    • (Tag: hindi) pecu
    • (paise) +la
    • (leke)+ation
    • (station) , i.e. , paise leke station bhaag jaana)
  13. penance
    • (n.) a punishment to atone for a sin; an atonement
    • (पछतावा 'penance' can be read as 'pain on us' what we take as a punishment on ourself for our sins.)
  14. perfunctory:
    • (adj.) performed out of routine or duty;
    • (adj.) lacking genuine or sincere interest
    • (PARAI
    • (other's)+FACTORY - if you are told to take care of somebody else's factory, you would casually care about it)
  15. perjury
    • (n.) the intentional giving of false statements while under sworn oath in a court of law
    • (झूठी गवाही)
    • (per
    • (phir)+jury ->
    • jury ke saamne saach batt sy phir jana)
  16. perspicacious
    • (adj.) having acute mental perception and understanding
    • (तीक्ष्ण - बुद्धि,भेदक)
  17. pertinent
    • (adj.) relevant and applicable to a situation or set of circumstances
    • (उचित)
  18. petrify
    • (v.) to frighten or terrify;
    • (v.) to solidify or turn to stone
  19. philanthropist
    (n.) one who works to bring about the well-being of human kind through charitable donations and/or actions
  20. phobia
    (n.) a specific fear of an object or situation
  21. pillage
    • (v.) to plunder and rob;
    • (v.) to take in war as booty
  22. pious
    • (adj.) devout in a religious sense;
    • (adj.) self-righteous
  23. piquant
    • (adj.) pungent and/or spicy in taste or flavor
    • ( PI+QUANT Quant in GRE is more attracting and delighting than Verbal)
  24. placate
    (v.) to appease or pacify someone
  25. plebeian
    (adj.) common, "blue-collar," working-class
  26. pommel
    • (v.) to beat or strike;
    • (n.) a knob on the hilt of a sword
    • (तलवार की मूठ की घुंडी)
  27. posterity
    • (n.) future generations, a person's descendants
    • (posterity = post + inherity )
  28. prattle
    • (v.) to idly chatter or babble
    • (चूं - चूं करना)
  29. precipitate
    • (v.) to bring about, lead up to or hasten;
    • (adj.) impulsive, rash
    • (जल्दबाज़)
  30. preponderance
    • (n.) a prevalence or predominance
    • (as something having heavy weight, quantity or power)
  31. prestige
    • (n.) esteemed status or standing;
    • (n.) reputation
  32. probe
    • (v.) to look into and investigate a situation or individual
    • (तहक़ीक़ात)
  33. probity
    • (n.) integrity and honor;
    • (n.) decency
    • (ईमानदारी)
    • ( basically this word is taken from latin probus..means honesty)
  34. prodigal
    • (adj.) lavish and wasteful;
    • (adj.) uncontrolled
  35. promulgate
    • (v.) to make known, particularly one's opinions or theories;
    • (v.) to publicize;
    • (v.) to publicly teach a doctrine or creed
    • (Prom
    • (promote)+ul+gate. So promoting something out of the gate, i.e. to make known by opening the gate
    • (or opening declaration) to everyone out there.))
  36. propensity
    • (n.) a tendency or inclination toward something;
    • (n.) a predisposition
  37. propound
    • (v.) to put forward or offer;
    • (v.) to propose or promote
  38. prototype
    • (n.) an example or mode;
    • (n.) a trial product
  39. provoke
    • (v.) to aggravate, incite or irritate;
    • (v.) to cause or bring about
  40. puerile
    (adj.) childish and immature
  41. pugnacious
    (adj.) characterized by an aggressive and contentious nature
  42. punctilious
    • (adj.) meticulous and scrupulous in nature;
    • (adj.) socially correct and proper
  43. purport
    • (v.) to assert, claim or declare; to imply or suggest;
    • (n.) significance, importance
  44. putrid
    • (adj.) in a state of decay or decomposition;
    • (adj.) rotten;
    • (adj.) rank
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