GRE Words (O)

  1. obsequious
    • (adj.) characterized by a servile nature;
    • (adj.)flattering, submissive.
  2. obsession
    • (n.) a fixation or passion
    • (Mnemonics: : Ob-session.. In session our mind is completely filled with thoughts and doubts of one particular subject on which session is going on. स्थिर विचार )
  3. obstreperous
    (adj.) hostile and bad-tempered
  4. obtrude:
    • (v.) to thrust forward upon a person;
    • (v.) to project or stick out ,
    • (Mnemonic Obtrude = Obt + Rude. It is 'Rude' to to impose something such as opinions on other people.),
    • ( Mnemonic Your child is 'often street per'; so he is spoiled and thus obstreperous)
  5. occult
    • (adj.) of or pertaining to magic or astrology and involving secretive supernatural powers;
    • (adj.) mysterious; hidden;
    • (n.) supernatural affairs
  6. odorous
    • (adj.) having a distinct odor;
    • (adj.) scented
  7. offal
    • (n.) the parts of a butchered animal considered inedible for human beings;
    • (n.) rubbish, garbage
  8. olfactory:
    (adj.) relating to the sense of smell
  9. omniscient
    (adj.) having complete and unlimited knowledge, awareness and understanding
  10. omnivorous
    (adj.) eating both animal and plant based foods
  11. onus
    (n.) a burdensome responsibility; burden of proof
  12. opportunist
    • (n.) one who seized prospective opportunities;
    • (n.) pioneer, trailblazer
  13. opprobrious
    • (adj.) expressing of disdainful reproach;
    • (adj.) conduct that yields disgrace or infamy
  14. ostensible
    (adj.) apparent and inconspicuous
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GRE Words (O)
GRE Words(O)