GRE Words (N)

  1. nadir
    (n.) a low point or "rock bottom, in terms of adversity or despair
  2. nauseate
    (v.) to sicken or disgust
  3. nebulous
    (adj.) vague and indefinable
  4. necrology
    • (n.) a list of people who have died during a specified time period;
    • (n.) an obituary
  5. nemesis
    • (n.) a task a person is unable to conquer;
    • (n.) an archenemy, opponent or rival;
    • (n.) vengeance
  6. neophyte
    • (n.) a novice or trainee;
    • (n.) a person newly inducted into or converted into a faith or belief of a religious and/or spiritual nature
  7. nicety
    • (n.) a delicate or fine point;
    • (n.) a detail
  8. noisome
    • (adj.) offensive or disgusting;
    • (adj.) harmful
  9. novice
    (n.) a beginner or apprentice
  10. noxious
    • (adj.) harmful or poisonous in nature;
    • (adj.) characterized by unpleasantness or offensiveness
  11. numismatist
    (adj.) a person who collects money, coin or metals
  12. nurture
    • (v.) to feed and protect;
    • (v.) to bring up, educate;
    • (v.) to develop
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GRE Words (N)
GRE Words (N)