GRE Words (L)

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  1. lacerate
    (v.) to slash or tear
  2. laconic
    (adj.) terse, brief, to the point, using few words
  3. laggard
    (n.) a straggler or one who lingers
  4. languor
    • (n.) lack of energy; sluggishness;
    • (n.) emotional sensitivity
  5. lassitude
    (n.) weariness, lack of energy, exhaustion
  6. latent
    (adj.) present but dormant and concealed
  7. laudatory
    • (adj.) admiring;
    • (adj.) expressing of praise
  8. lewd
    (adj.) inclined to lechery and/or vulgar behavior, obscene
  9. liquidate
    • (v.) to break up;
    • (v.) to pay a debt;
    • (v.) to close a business;
    • (v.) to exterminate or murder
  10. lissome
    • (adj.) physiologically flexible;
    • (adj.) agile
  11. livid
    • (adj.) discolored;
    • (adj.) very angry;
    • (adj.) overcome with overwhelming emotion
  12. lope
    (v.) to sprint or scamper
  13. lucent
    • (adj.) clear; semi-transparent;
    • (adj.) transparent
  14. lucid
    • (adj.) clear and cogent;
    • (adj.) articulate and well-spoken;
    • (adj.) rational, cool-headed
  15. lugubrious
    • (adj.) characterized by sadness;
    • (adj.) mournful, dismal
  16. luminous:
    • (adj.) radiating or reflecting light, shining;
    • (adj.) brilliant
  17. luster
    • (adj.) the state or quality of reflecting light, shine;
    • (adj.) radiance of beauty
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