GRE Words (I)

  1. idiosyncrasy
    (n.) a peculiarity or quirk in one's given disposition or behavior
  2. ignominious
    • (adj.) humiliating and/or embarrassing in nature;
    • (adj.) reprehensible and disgraceful
  3. illimitable
    (adj.) characterized by an unlimited, unending nature
  4. imbibe
    (v.) to drink, swallow or absorb
  5. imminent
    (adj.) in the nature future, about to happen or occur
  6. immutable
    (adj.) not subject to change
  7. impeach
    • (v.) to accuse or bring to court, particularly a public official;
    • (v.) to question or call into account
  8. impenitent
    (adj.) without regret and unashamed
  9. impervious
    • (adj.) not permitting of passage, impenetrable;
    • (adj.) incapable of injury;
    • (adj.) unmoved by persuasion
  10. impious
    • (adj.) lacking reverence or respect;
    • (adj.) irreverent
  11. implacable
    • (adj.) unable to be pleased or mollified;
    • (adj.) hard-hearted;
    • (adj.) obdurate
  12. imply
    • (v.) to suggest or refer to something without explicitly stating it as such;
    • (v.) to include as a necessary circumstance
  13. importune
    • (v.) to demand by means of solicitation;
    • (v.) to make unwanted advances or suggestions toward someone;
    • (v.) to annoy
  14. impotent
    • (adj.) lacking power or ability;
    • (adj.) incapable;
    • (adj.) lacking in physical strength
  15. impromptu
    • (n.) a circumstance — particularly a speech — given without advanced preparation;
    • (adj.) improvised
  16. impropriety
    • (adj.) the quality of being improper or unsuitable;
    • (adj.) an unseemly expression;
    • (adj.) an incorrect use of a word or phrase;
    • (adj.) rudeness;
    • (adj.) misconduct
  17. impunity
    • (n.) release from punishment or harm;
    • (n.) mercy
  18. imputation
    • (n.) a charge or accusation;
    • (n.) an insinuation
  19. inane
    • (adj.) lacking sense or sincere significance absurd;
    • (adj.) immature
  20. incessant
    • (adj.) continuing without interruption
    • (s);
    • (adj.) ; constant, ceaseless
  21. incontinent
    (adj.) uncontrolled and/or unrestrained, particularly in bodily function
  22. incontrovertible
    • (adj.) not open for dispute or question;
    • (adj.) irrefutable
  23. incredulous
    • (adj.) skeptical and disbelieving;
    • (adj.) dubious
  24. inculcate
    (v.) to instill by means of earnest and persistent repetition
  25. indict
    (v.) to officially charge or accuse, particularly in a court of law
  26. inept
    (adj.) unskilled and incompetent
  27. inertia
    (n.) inactivity- specifically in regards to motion
  28. inference
    (n.) a deduction or supposition about someone or something not arrived at through purely logical means
  29. infraction
    (n.) a violation or breech of a rule or contract
  30. iniquitous
    • (adj.) characterized by wickedness and/or injustice;
    • (adj.) sinful, immoral
  31. innuendo
    (n.) a subtle suggestion or implication
  32. inordinate
    • (adj.) excessive and unwarranted;
    • (adj.) overwhelming
  33. insidious
    (adj.) sinister and dangerous
  34. intrepid
    (adj.) courageous, fearless and brave
  35. intrinsic
    (adj.) essential to the nature of someone or something
  36. inundate
    (v.) to flood or overwhelm in an excessive manner
  37. irreparable
    • (adj.) permanent
    • (damage) beyond repair
  38. iterate
    (v.) to utter repeatedly, or in repetition
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GRE Words (I)
GRE Words (I)