Facial Muscles

  1. Orbicularis Oculi
    • Wink
    • O:maxilla, frontal bone
    • I: dermis near origin
  2. Corrugator supercilli
    • Mean dude muscle (wrinkle your eyebrows)
    • O: orbit near frontal, nasal suture
    • I:  eyebrow
  3. Procerus muscle
    • Meanest due muscle (look very angry) wrinkles between eyes
    • O: bridge of nose
    • I: frontalis muscle
  4. levator labii superioris group
    • Raise your upper lip like Elvis Presley
    • O: maxilla
    • I: skin, orbicularis oris, upper lip
  5. Depressor labii inferioris
    • Frown
    • O: lateral body of mandible
    • I: skin and muscle lip, lower lip
  6. Risorius
    • Keep your lips closed and makes your mouth wide as possible
    • O: platysma and masseter fascia
    • I: orbicularis oris, corner of mouth
  7. Zygomaticus major and minor
    • smile
    • O: zygomatic bone
    • I: angle of mouth and orbicularis oris
  8. Frontalis or occipitofrontalis
    • Raise and lower your eyebrows
    • O:  occipital bone
    • I:  skin or eyebrow and nose
  9. Lateral pterygoid
    • open your jaw
    • O: lateral side of lateral pterygoid
    • I: mandibular condyle
  10. Digastric
    • open jaw
    • O: lower margin of the mandible
    • I:  hyoid bone
  11. Masseter
    • close your jaw
    • O: zygomatic arch and maxilla
    • I: angle of mandibular ramus
  12. Temporalis
    • closes your jaw
    • O: temporal fossa
    • I: mandibular ramus and coronoid process
  13. Medial pterygoid
    • closes your jaw
    • O: medial side of the lateral condyle
    • I: lower angle of mandible
  14. Orbicularis oris
    • just say "oh" or kissing muscle
    • O: mandible and maxilla
    • I: fascia or muscle of the lips
  15. Buccinator
    • Sour pucker or kissing muscle
    • O: posterior mandible and maxilla
    • I: orbicularis oris
  16. Mentalis
    • protrude your lower lip (pout)
    • O: mandible near incisors
    • I: skin of chin
  17. Genioglossus
    • Stick out your tongue
    • O: genu of the chin
    • I: tongue
  18. Styroglossus
    • Retract your tongue
    • O: styloid process
    • I: tongue
  19. Medial rectus
    • open your eyes widen
    • O: sphenoid around the optic canal, surface of the orbit
    • I: sclera of the eye, posterior to the cornea medial surface of eyeball
  20. Lateral rectus
    • look to the side
    • O: sphenoid around optic canal
    • I: lateral surface of eyeball
  21. Superior rectus
    • look up
    • O: sphenoid around optic canal
    • I: superior surface of eyeball
  22. Inferior rectus
    • look down
    • O: sphenoid around optic canal
    • I: inferior, medial surface of eyeball
  23. Inferior oblique
    • roll the eye upward
    • O: maxilla at anterior portion of the orbit
    • I: inferior, lateral surface of eyeball
  24. Superior oblique
    • roll the eye downward
    • O: sphenoid around optic canal
    • I: superior, lateral surface of eyeball
  25. Platysma
    • tighten the muscles in your neck
    • O: fascia of chest
    • I: lower margin of mandible
  26. Sternocleidomastoid
    • flex your head down and from side to side
    • O: sternum and clavicle
    • I: mastoid process
  27. Stylohyoid
    • raises hyoid
    • O: lower margin of mandible and mastoid process
    • I: loop above hyoid bone
  28. Digastric
    • raises hyoid
    • O: lower margin of mandible and mastoid process
    • I: loop above hyoid bone
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