GRE Words (E)

  1. ebullient
    • (adj.) overflowing with enthusiasm or excited;
    • (adj.) bubbling up like a boiling liquid
  2. ecstasy
    • (n.) intense joy or delight;
    • (n.) a trace or state of emotion so intense that one is carried beyond self-control
  3. edify
    • (v.) to instruct or benefit,
    • (v.) particularly in relation to intellectual or spiritual matters; to uplift
  4. effeminate
    • (adj.) having feminine qualities or characteristics;
    • (adj.) characterized by excessive refinement or weakness
  5. effigy
    • (n.) a crude person or figure which represents a hated person or group;
    • (n.) a likeness or image, particularly of a person
  6. efflorescent
    • (adj.) bursting into flower;
    • (adj.) flowering
  7. effusion
    • (n.) a unrestrained expression of emotion;
    • (n.) flow under pressure, such as the escape of bodily fluid from vessels into the tissues or a cavity
  8. egress
    • (n.) the act of coming or going out;
    • (n.) the right to leave or go out;
    • (n.) a path or opening for the purposes of going out
    • (v.) to go out
  9. elucidate
    • (v.) to make lucid or clear, to throw light upon;
    • (v.) to explain or provide clarification
  10. elusive:
    • (adj.) tending to elude capture, comprehension or perception;
    • (adj.) difficult to define or describe
  11. emancipate
    • (v.) to free from oppression or restraint;
    • (v.)
    • (as a legal term) to release a child from the control of parents or a. guardian
  12. embellish
    • (v.) to make beautiful by ornamentation;
    • (v.) to decorate;
    • (v.) to add false and fictitious detail to
  13. emend
    • (v.) to edit or change a text;
    • (v.) to correct, or free from faults or errors
  14. eminent
    • (adj.) of high rank in station or quality;
    • (adj.) outstanding in character or performance;
    • (adj.) towering or standing above others
  15. emollient
    (adj.) softening and soothing, especially to the skin; making less harsh or abrasive
  16. enamored
    • (adj.) inspired by love; captivated;
    • (adj.) marked by foolish or unreasoning fondness
  17. encroach
    • (v.) to advance beyond proper, established or usual limits;
    • (v.) to trespass upon the domain, property or rights of another individual or organization
  18. endue
    • (v.) to gift or provide with a quality or trait;
    • (v.) to put on
    • (a piece of clothing)
  19. engross
    • (v.) to exclusively occupy;
    • (v.) absorb;
    • (v.) to acquire most or all of a commodity or market
  20. enhance
    • (v.) to make greater in beauty, effectiveness or value;
    • (v.) to provide with improved or enhanced features
  21. ennui
    • (n.) listlessness and dissatisfaction;
    • (n.) boredom
  22. enthrall
    • (v.) to captivate or interest;
    • (v.) to enslave
  23. entity
    • (n.) something that exists as a particular unit;
    • (n.) the fact of existence, being;
    • (n.) the existence of something considered separate from its properties
  24. ephemeral:
    • (adj.) lasting a very short time; transitory;
    • (adj.) lasting only one day
  25. epilogue
    • (n.) a short poem or speech directed to the audience, given at the end of a play;
    • (n.) the performer who delivers such a poem or speech; a short addition or concluding section at the end of a literary work
  26. epitaph
    • (n.) an inscription on a monument or tombstone in memory of the person buried there within;
    • (n.) a commemoration for someone who has died
  27. equable
    • (adj.) free from many changes or variations;
    • (adj.) uniform
  28. equanimity
    (n.) the quality of being calm, composed, even-tempered and stable
  29. errant
    • (adj.) roving;
    • (adj.) straying from the appropriate course of action or standards
  30. eschew
    • (v.) to abstain or keep away from;
    • (v.) to shun or avoid
  31. estranged
    • (adj.) displaying a feeling or the characteristic of alienation;
    • (adj.) kept in or at a distance
  32. ethereal
    • (adj.) characterized by insubstantiality, intangible;
    • (adj.) of the celestial spheres
  33. eugenic
    • (adj.) of or related to bringing about improvements in offspring;
    • (adj.) having quality, inherited characteristics
  34. evanescent
    • (adj.) vanishing, fading;
    • (adj.) fleeting;
    • (adj.) tending to become imperceptible
  35. evasive
    • (adj.) tending or seeking to avoid;
    • (adj.) elusive
  36. ewer
    (n.) a pitcher with a wide spout
  37. exacerbate
    • (v.) to make worse or increase the severity of;
    • (v.) to irritate or exasperate a person
  38. excision
    (n.) the surgical act of removal
  39. excoriate
    • (v.) to severely berate or denounce
    • (verbally);
    • (v.) to physically strip off or remove the skin from
  40. exegesis
    (n.) a critical analysis or explanation of a text
  41. exemplary
    (adj.) commendable
  42. exiguous
    (adj.) scanty or meager
  43. exodus:
    (n.) a departure that usually involves a large number of people
  44. expedite
    • (v.) to hasten or speed up the progress of;
    • (v.) to quickly accomplish;
    • (v.) to issue or dispatch a document or letter
  45. expiate
    (v.) to atone or make amends for, particularly in relation to a given individual's crimes
  46. expunge
    • (v.) to erase or obliterate;
    • (v.) to destroy
  47. extol
    • (v.) to lift up;
    • (v.) to praise highly
  48. extricate
    • (v.) to disentangle;
    • (v.) to disengage from a difficult situation
  49. extrinsic
    • (adj.) not essential or inherent qualities;
    • (adj.) outward or external
  50. exude
    • (v.) to discharge or emit;
    • (v.) to exhibit
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