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  1. What structures are involved in mechanical dysfunctions?
    • Joint
    • Soft tissue
    • Muscular
    • Visceral
    • Neurovascular
  2. What do you evaluate when assessing mechanical dysfunction?
    End feel and excursion of the 5 mechanical components, which may impair motion or function
  3. How do you treat a mechanical dysfunction?
    • FM of 5 components
    • PNF to increase ROM
  4. What is a neuromuscular dysfunction?
    Inability to demonstrate efficient initiation, strength and endurance for any given contraction.
  5. What do you evaluate when assessing a neuromuscular dysfunction?
    Evaluation of:

    • manual muscle resistance
    • ACE
    • LPM
    • EFT
  6. How do you treat a neuromuscular dysfunction?
    • PNF
    • Directed exercise program
  7. What is a motor control dysfunction
    inability to utilize efficient mechanical and neuromuscular components to effectively assume a balanced posture and perform efficient functional activities with necessary balance reactions
  8. How do you train patients in motor learning?
    Through resistance and repetition. 

    Focus on pt's kinesthetic and proprioceptive awareness. 

    Enhancing central neuronal recruitment patterns.
  9. What does effective motor control allow?
    Efficiently timed activation of core and global muscles
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