A+ Certification

  1. What does PGA stand for
    Pin grid array
  2. What does ZIF stand for?
    zero insertion force
  3. What does FPU stand for?
    Floating Point Unit or math co processor
  4. What is enhanced registers?
    manufacturers added specific-use and general-use 128-bit registers
  5. Process vs thread
    • Process is the main task such as running an application
    • Thread is a task that needs doing but isn't the main task
  6. What is hyperthreading?
    • a way to run multiple processes or threads truly simultaneously
    • Intel introduced in Pentium 4
  7. What is the max amount of memory accessed with the 32 bit processor?
    232 (4 GB)
  8. How much memory can a 64bit processor access?
    264 or 16 exabytes of ram
  9. What was the 1st 64 bit processor?
    AMD Opteron
  10. What is dual core?
    • 2 execution units
    • 2 sets of pipelines that share caches and RAM
  11. What makes multi cpus better that hyper threading?
    The hyper-threaded Pentium 4 shares a single ALU, but splits out the FPU for multiple threads. If two processes both need the ALU, then the hyper-threading doesn’t do much. A multicore CPU, by contrast, has multiple distinct processors and can handle multiple processes more efficiently.
  12. What is the main difference between a mobile cpu and a desktop cpu?
    the mobile runs on less power and are generally slower
  13. What is throttling
    The act of slowing down clock speeds when they reach certain temps
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