Private Pilot Weather 2

  1. SIGMET is an abbreviation for what?
    Significant Meteorological Information
  2. SIGMETs are valid for how many hours?
  3. Convective SIGMETs are good for how many hours?
  4. Convective SIGMETs convey warnings concerning what kind of weather conditions?
    Tornadoes, lines of thunderstorms, large hail. VERY NASTY WEATHER
  5. Surface Analysis Charts, or surface weather maps are issued how many times a day?
    8, every 3 hours
  6. What is a DUATS?
    Direct User Access Terminal Service
  7. How can you access a DUATS?
  8. What information should you give a briefer at a Flight Service Station?
    1. I am a pilot. 2. Aircraft Number or your name. 3. VFR or IFR flight 4.Intended flight Route
  9. What is a Standard Weather Briefing?
    A complete briefing issued by a FSS (Flight Service Station) briefer or specialist.
  10. When do you ask FSS for an abbreviated briefing?
    When you already have a basic understanding of the weather conditions.
  11. When do you ask FSS for an outlook briefing?
    If your flight will occur 6 or more hours in the future.
  12. What is an EFAS?
    En route Flight Advisory Service
  13. How does a pilot receive a EFAS?
    Aircraft below 18,000' us Flight Watch frequency 122.0
  14. What is the minimum altitude to contact Flight Watch for an EFAS?
    5000' AGL
  15. What is a PIREPS?
    Pilot Reports: A pilot report or PIREP is a report of actual weather conditions encountered by an aircraft in flight. This information is usually relayed by radio to the nearest ground station. The message would then be encoded and relayed to other weather offices and air traffic service units.
  16. What is a TWEB?
    Transcribed Weather Broadcast
  17. How are TWEBs broadcast?
    On VOR or NDB stations
  18. What is HIWAS?
    Hazardous In-flight Weather Advisory Service, which is a continuous broadcast of AIRMETs, SIGMETs, and Covective SIGMETs.
  19. How do you receive a HIWAS report?
    HIWAS are broadcast on certain VORs
  20. What is the driving principle of weather?
    Heat exchange
  21. What causes wind?
    Air wants to flow from high pressure areas to low pressure areas.
  22. Local wind patterns are caused by what fixed objects?
    Land breezes, sea breezed, mountain breezes
  23. What is it called when water changes from liquid state to gas state?
  24. What is it called with water changes from a gas state to a liquid state?
  25. What determines the amount of water air can hold?
    Temperature, cold air holds less than warm air
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