pols 2401 chapter 5

  1. ´╗┐asymmetrical power
    form of conflict n which weaker groups or forces can inflict significant damage against more powerful states or forces can inflict significant damage against more powerful states or forces
  2. Reign of Terror
    Terrorism by committed by the French government during the French Revolution
  3. Edmund Burke
    British philosopher who strongly criticized the French Reign of Terror
  4. guerrilla warfare
    use of selective violence against military targets by insurgency forces
  5. Uighurs
    Ethnic group that rebelled against China's annexation of Xinjiang in 1759
  6. madrassas
    Religious seminaries supported by Muslim charities worldwide
  7. Taliban
    former government of Afghanistan that repressed its people and supported Al-Qaeda
  8. virtual networks
    A style of organization that is essentially leaderless and facilitated by the Internet
  9. hawalas
    informal system of transferring money based primary on trust and interpersonal relations
  10. Muammar Qaddafi
    Libyan leader accused of financing and training terrorist groups in the Middle East and Africa
  11. RUF
    rebel group that challenged the government of Sierra Leone through acts of violence and terrorism
  12. Hezbollah
    Shiite terrorist group based in Lebanon
  13. Abu Sayyaf
    Terrorist group in the Philippines that regularly kidnaps people to finance its activities
  14. Tamil Tigers
    Group in Sri Lanka that smuggles contraband in the Indian Ocean region
  15. domestic terrorism
    occurs within borders of a state
  16. national terrorism
    occurs as a result of struggles for independence
  17. religious terrorism
    occurs as a result of religious extremism
  18. state terrorism
    government repression targeted against civilians
  19. global terrorism
    partly a result of increased globalization
  20. Red Brigades
    An Italian terrorist group that attached government officials
  21. November 17
    Marxist group that committed terrorist acts in Greece
  22. dirty war
    Terrorist campaign by the Argentine military dictatorship directed against those critical of their government
  23. Shining Path
    Peruvian terrorist group
  24. FARC
    Colombian Marxist Guerrilla group practicing terrorism against civilians and government officials
  25. Holocaust
    Mass Murder of millions of Jews driven by ethnic and religious hate and discrimination
  26. Menachem Begin
    Leader of the Jewish Terrorist organization the Irgun
  27. Irgun
    Jewish terrorist group committed to driving the British out of Palestine
  28. fedayeen
    Small group of Palestinian commandos
  29. Gamel Adbel Nasser
    Egyptian leader popular for his resistance to Israel
  30. Six-Day War
    1967 war in which Israel seized the Sinai
  31. PLO
    once considered a terrorist organization committed to fighting Israel and its occupation of the West Bank and Gaza
  32. Black September Organization
    Part of the PLO responsible for some of the most serious terrorist attacks
  33. intifada
    Collective Palestinian resistance to Israel's occupation of the West Bank and Gaza
  34. Loyalists/Unionists
    Protestants committed to retaining Northern Ireland's ties with Britain
  35. IRA
    Rebel Forces opposed to Britan's presence in Northern Ireland
  36. Easter Rebellion
    IRA rebellion against British rule
  37. Sinn Fein
    Catholic party in Ireland regarded as a terrorist threat to Britan
  38. PIRA
    Militant outgrowth of IRA
  39. Anglo-Irish Agreement
    Gave Ireland increased responsibilities in Northern Ireland in exchange for security for the Unionists
  40. Good Friday Agreement
    Compromise that gave Britain control over Norther Ireland and the Irish a voice n government
  41. Fransisco Franco
    Former Dictator of Spain who repressed Basque separatists
  42. Lizarra Agreement
    Committed the ETA to a cease fire in its struggle for independence
  43. Aum Supreme Truth
    Japanese terrorist group fighting against the Japanese government
  44. jihad
    Translated as Holy war when described by Islamic terrorist groups
  45. sleeper cells
    groups of terrorists who live what appear to be normal lives until instructed to commit terrorist attacks
  46. mujahedeen
    Group of Islamic holy warriors fighting the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan
  47. Lord Robertson
    NATO's secretary general who offered military assistance for America's fight against terrorism
  48. Richard A. Clarke
    Former chief anti-terrorism advisor under the Clinton and Bush administrations
  49. Guantanamo Bay
    U.S. naval base where enemy prisoners of war are being held.
  50. USA Patriot Act
    Controversial initiative passed by the Bush administration to fight terrorist threats
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